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when i first started toying with the idea of having a functioning website for my fledgling company, i had this vague notion that a blog would be an integral part of it. i wasn't entirely sure why -- i had no experience with blogs back then -- but i was convinced of the idea.

upon further reflection, i realized that my instinctive decision to blog was well-founded. a functioning blog embodies a couple of things that i strongly believe in:
  1. the act of writing down one's ideas is immensely powerful. the idea of putting things down on paper (or a screen) forces one to think through one's ideas carefully and critically. it exposes any gaps in the premise, any inconsistencies in the logic, any loose ends in the train of thought; in short, it forces us to rid our thinking of the intellectual sloppiness that one can carry around in our heads.
  2. publishing is an obvious (though not always necessary) follow-on to writing. because of my professional network, i can publish my thoughts to an audience that can be counted on to be knowledgeable, thoughtful, expressive, and constructive. i expect my ideas to be rejected, challenged, supported, and built upon. i hope that the output of the collective will amount to something more than what any one of the participants could have achieved.
this blog is expected to work in a variety of ways:
  • it will serve as a sand-box in which i will play around with ideas that may have crossed my mind during the course of my professional engagements.
  • i hope that the people in my professional network will engage actively in the discussions my ideas initiate.
  • i intend to invite more active participation by encouraging the more adventurous and forthcoming members of this network to chip in with ideas of their own.
  • besides being a breeding ground for new ideas, this blog will also serve as a repository for interesting ideas published elsewhere as long as they are accompanied by thoughtful commentary on those ideas. i'm sure there is a lot that we can learn from works published elsewhere. this may take the form of interesting books and articles that one comes across. this may even take the form of recent events (as long as there is a bigger point to be made -- i'm sure that there are better forums for raw news).
i'm sure that the possibilities for a blog like this are endless. i'm sure my thoughts on this blog will grow and change over time. for now, this is what i think it is.

i must admit that there is no dearth of blogs written by people with backgrounds like mine. many of my former colleagues have blogs of their own. each of them brings their own personal touch to their contributions. i hope my blog will add a new dimension into this mix. it is my intent to help make this a greenhouse for new ideas. i realize that this is a lofty goal. i know i have taken a step in the right direction if i can point to one good idea that is born here ...


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